Polymer Clay 101: Virtual
Polymer Clay 101: Virtual
Polymer Clay 101: Virtual
Polymer Clay 101: Virtual

Polymer Clay 101: Virtual

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Learn the basics of polymer clay with this virtual/online class.  This class is BYOS (bring your own supplies), and suggested supply list can be found below.
Online information will be sent to participants' e-mail address after registration. 
What to expect from your class:
-Learn the basic properties of polymer clay, like conditioning/shaping, carving, mixing colors, baking, etc.
-Learn what everyday, non-expensive items you can use for tools
-Learn what tools are helpful to "graduate" to and which ones you don't need
-Learn how to make some small projects such as a 3D rose, 2D ornament, jewelry, etc.
-Learn what surfaces/objects you can add clay to, and how.

Clay: At least 2 oz of Sculpey III brand polymer clay, any color(s)
Work Surface: 12"x12" smooth ceramic tile is best as a work surface, but you can also use parchment/wax paper, clean plastic placemat
Carving Tool: toothpick, bamboo skewer, thumb tack, threading needle, etc
Cutting Tool: tissue blade (x-acto blade that is consistent in thickness) works best, or metal spatula that will not be used for food purposes (Dollar Tree has a chopper/scraper that works well)
Baking Surface: smooth ceramic tile, flat cardboard or aluminum foil

popsicle sticks
jewelry pieces such as jump rings, eyepins, ear wires, etc
Wet Wipes (for cleaning hands, tools in-between colors)
aluminum foil